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Healthy Apple, Maple & Pecan Muffins

Happy Thursday! You made it, the week is almost over! Aaand I made you muffins for breakfast! Healthy muffins, at that! I was hesitant to call these muffins health food because, well, they're no kale salad, but I figured when compared to some of the other,...

Austin Eats // Capital City Bakery

About Austin Eats: This week I am featuring some of my favorite spots to eat in Austin as part of the Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance 2014 City Guide. Check out any of my featured spots or hop on over to the City Guide (coming Feb 27!) to...

Piña Colada Coconut Milk Ice Cream {Dairy Free}

In protest of all of the pumpkin, caramel apple and all-out autumness that has taken the blogosphere by storm this month, I am bringing you my second ice cream post of the week. Not only is this cold and refreshing but it’s classically summer flavored...