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Matcha-Dipped Dark Chocolate Wafer Cookies

Oh, hey! Remember me? I know, I’ve been fiercely neglecting this space, but you didn’t think I’d let Christmas pass by without posting a festive recipe or two, did you?  Yee off little faith, I'd never let that happen. But I get it, it's been too...

Drunken Millionaire Ice Cream

Hello there, strangers! I hope you had a fantastic long weekend. I sure did! For me, this year's was far more tame than Memorial Days of the past. Much less booze and much more house hunting - for a friend, not me - a surefire sign...

Scottish Teatime Cupcakes

I'm back! I'm alive! SXSW is officially over, thank goodness! Four days later, I'm still in recovery mode. Unfortunately, mid-way through last week I contracted a nasty cold - the product of too many handshakes & not enough hand sanitizer - and I'm slowly working my way...