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Cranberry, Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Cinnamon Rolls

Now that I’ve eaten my weight in dad’s special, butter-basted turkey, mom’s (ahem, Pepperidge Farm’s) herb stuffing and my sour cream pumpkin pie (minis this time), I can finally, without one speck of hey-one-holiday-at-a-time, lady guilt, write all mushy and excited-like about about CHRISTMAS!!! TWINKLE LIGHTS!...

Pistachio & Chocolate Profiteroles

Guys. Gals. Peeps. Homies. Invisible internet friends. I'm super proud of how these turned out. Really, really proud. And excited. Like, this was the most fun I've had in the kitchen in a long time, excited. Choux pastry, choux dough, pâte à choux (which has far too many wing...

Anise Biscotti with Pistachios & Dark Chocolate

For the last month, Austin has felt the rumble of the giant freight train that is SXSW speeding towards the city. In the weeks before the world-famous tech conference (or infamous if you're an Austinite), one can detect a polarizing of the city's residents. Some are...