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Cherry, Strawberry & Rose Pie

Your grocery store’s seasonal aisle is exploding with pink and red decorations, half of it dedicated to mass-produced, heart-shaped boxes of all sizes, filled with low-quality (and probably maraschino cherry-filled, EW!) chocolate, the other half lined with cartoon Valentines destined for some second grader’s hand-decorated...

Cherry & Blueberry Crisp Ice Cream

I’m currently sitting on a teeny tiny, ten-row propeller airplane, en route to Rochester, NY where we’ll be spending the next four days with Steve’s family at their cottage on Keuka Lake. This post, my “appropriate for a 4th of July party” recipe, is going...

Tart Cherry & Coconut Granola

I may have already mentioned this a bazillion times this week, but guys! TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!! TOMORROW MISS LONGBOTTOM TIES THE KNOT!!! Things are looking good around here: That giant red spot that was maybe sunburn, maybe a pimple? Gone -- chased away with an...