19 Oct TUACA Cocktails Two Ways

Citrus-Vanilla Apple Cider Sangria // butterlust.com @butterlustblogCitrus-Vanilla Apple Cider Sangria // butterlust.com @butterlustblog

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TUACA Vanilla Citrus Liqueur  for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cocktails don’t often grace the pages of this blog. Not for lack of thought. Nor for lack of, ahem, research, if you will. It’s just that in the past, given the limited space in our tiny condo, we haven’t had the physical space that it takes to build a collection of ingredients fit for craft cocktail status.

That is until a few months back, when Steve bought me this adorable utility cart to use for storing kitchenware, blog props and whatever other knick knacks I could cram onto its pretty teal shelves.

Or so I thought.

Within weeks of purchase, he quickly transformed “my” cute little cart from home-of-my-mismatched-dishware to home-of-our-growing-bourbon-collection, which then turned into a growing tequila collection, which then turned into a growing gin collections and, well, you get it.

Citrus-Vanilla Apple Cider Sangria // butterlust.com @butterlustblogCitrus-Vanilla Apple Cider Sangria // butterlust.com @butterlustblog

I must admit, I was a little ticked at first. Where were my precious props supposed to live? But, after a few Mad Men-style post-work martinis, I loosened up a little (as one tends to after a martini or two) and realized hey, I can get used to this. After all, what’s a little clutter when there’s cocktails to be had?

So, when TUACA reached out to me a few weeks ago asking me to develop a cocktail recipe featuring their citrus & vanilla liqueur (two of a baker’s favorite flavors), I gladly accepted, knowing that I had the perfect perch for a bottle or two of the good stuff.

Citrus-Vanilla Apple Cider Sangria // butterlust.com @butterlustblogCitrus-Vanilla Apple Cider Sangria // butterlust.com @butterlustblogCitrus-Vanilla Apple Cider Sangria // butterlust.com @butterlustblog

In case you’ve not been introduced, TUACA is an Italian liqueur flavored with essences of vanilla and citrus — two warming flavors that are ideal for adding to cozy, fall-themed cocktail. I was immediately drawn to the idea of a hot apple cider cocktail, however, we’re unfortunately still hitting temperatures over 90F in Austin, so no matter how fall-like I’m feeling on the inside, a hot apple cider cocktail was not going to agree with what’s going on outside. Not wanting to ditch the idea of apple cider completely, I eventually landed on this TUACA Apple Cider Sangria.

To make this sangria, apples, pears and oranges are combined with crisp, sweet apple cider (homemade will take it to the next level if you can find the time, but store-bought works just fine), cinnamon sticks, a bottle of your favorite white wine, and of course, the star of the show, TUACA Liqueur. After a little time spent in the fridge getting to know one another, the ingredients steep together to become a marrying of sweet, spicy, tart and warm. The hints of vanilla and citrus from the liqueur add an unmistakable depth of flavor that makes this sangria stand apart from more traditional versions, promising that that while some of us may still be in our flip flops, without a doubt, fall is on the way.

Citrus-Vanilla Apple Cider Sangria // butterlust.com @butterlustblog

TUACA Apple Cider Sangria:

1 large apple, chopped into 1/2-inch pieces
1 large pear, chopped into 1/2-inch pieces
1 large orange, chopped into 1/2-inch pieces
2 cinnamon sticks
2 cups apple cider
1 bottle white wine (I used pinot grigio)
1/4 cup TUACA® Liqueur

In a large pitcher combine all ingredients and stir. Cover and place in the fridge for four hours, up to overnight. Enjoy chilled.


But wait, don’t go! We’re not done here! 

In addition to my TUACA Apple Cider Sangria, I’m also sharing a recipe for a Tuaca Mule. I can’t take credit for this one, it’s the creation of the fine folks over at TUACA, but as one might expect, ginger, orange and citrus pair together beautifully for a surprisingly refreshing cocktail. You won’t even miss the vodka, I promise.

Keep scrolling for the recipe!

TUACA Mule // butterlust.com @butterlustblogTUACA Mule // butterlust.com @butterlustblogTUACA Mule // butterlust.com @butterlustblog


2 oz TUACA® Liqueur
4 oz Ginger Beer
Squeeze of lime

Squeeze lime into a copper mug filled with ice. Drop lime into mug, then add Tuaca® and top with ginger beer. Stir gently and enjoy.

Looking for more? Check out these recipes for the Tuaca y Pina and Tuaca Hot Apple Pie.

Cheers! And remember, please drink responsibly!


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