27 Aug No-Bake Brownies

No-Bake Brownies // butterlustblog.com @butterlustblog

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamed about sharing the perfect brownie recipe on this blog. I love brownies. We love brownies. Who doesn’t love brownies? Dibs on the corner slice, don’teventhinkaboutit.

But, really. A slightly crisp, crackly exterior, encasing a blissfully chewy and (if done right, in my humble opinion) fudgy middle…can it be beat? Unlikely. That’s dessert nirvana, right there.


Yes, yes, I know some of you out there are team cakey brownie, but really?

No-Bake Brownies // butterlustblog.com @butterlustblog

Growing up, I blindly followed my dad’s preference when it came to brownies. Three eggs, not two. Cakey, not fudgy. In the throes of my adolescent ignorance, three eggs (that equals cakey, for those of you who aren’t familiar with box mix brownies) was the clear winner, every time. I might add though, that this was long before my baking obsession came about. I was a lost soul, consuming arguably dry, cakey brownies for the better first half of my life….sorry dad.

Truthfully,  though I may be a fudgy brownie convert, I’ll forever love Duncan Hines Moist Supreme boxed mix. Fudgy, cakey, I’ll take (and devour) them both…and no, they’re definitely not paying me to say that.

No-Bake Brownies // butterlustblog.com @butterlustblog  No-Bake Brownies // butterlustblog.com @butterlustblog No-Bake Brownies // butterlustblog.com @butterlustblog

Times have changed, and several years of baking have transformed by love of brownies into one of chewy corners and fudgy centers. Lucky for me, the internet is overflowing with “perfect” “chewy” “fudgy” brownie recipes. And in my experience, 99% of them are delicious. So up until now, Butterlust has been a brownie-less space. (Well, almost. *flashback*) After all, with so much internet deliciousness already at our fingertips, who am I to claim brownie perfection? That is until smack dab in the middle of Eff the Oven August, a craving struck. Rich, chewy brownies needed to happen, and they needed to happen ASAP. When a lady wants some chocolate, chocolate she shall have, amiright?

No-Bake Brownies // butterlustblog.com @butterlustblog   No-Bake Brownies // butterlustblog.com @butterlustblog

The challenge: satisfy my brownie craving sans oven.
The answer: this shockingly satisfying no-bake bidness.

So now, this is a No-Bake Brownie space. Ta-da!

No-Bake Brownies // butterlustblog.com @butterlustblog No-Bake Brownies // butterlustblog.com @butterlustblog

I know, brownies without an oven might sound a bit crazy, but when you combine graham cracker crumbs with a little condensed milk and a little more melty chocolate, something magic happens.

Dense and chewy, these No-Bake Brownies offer a rich and fudge-like texture that’s irresistibly satisfying when combined with chopped almonds for a hearty crunch and dried cranberries to impart a tart, chewiness that perfectly balances the rich blend of cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate. Add tender coconut flakes to the mix because how can you not?, drizzle with a little bit more chocolate for good measure, and voila! Craving satisfied.

Hop on over to Camille Styles for the recipe!

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar
    Posted at 12:07h, 27 August Reply

    Oh wow!! These look like a giant chocolate bar! So yummy!
    Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar recently posted…Honey Almond GranolaMy Profile

  • Heather (Delicious Not Gorgeous)
    Posted at 16:09h, 27 August Reply

    i personally like both kinds of brownies; and i find that if i tell people who i know are anti-cakey brownies that it’s chocolate sheet cake instead, they’re a lot more receptive (which is kind of manipulative and deceptive, i know).

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  • Marvellina
    Posted at 23:23h, 15 September Reply

    OMG ! This looks so good!!!!! the photos make me just want to grab the largest piece..or actually all of them ha..ha..!! So great to discover your blog !!

    • KWahlman
      Posted at 23:30h, 15 September Reply

      Thanks, Marvellina!

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