27 May Hibiscus Marshmallows, for Camille Styles

Hibiscus Marshmallows // butterlust.com

Can we take a moment to reflect on the amazingness that is the four-day workweek? There are few feelings that trump the joy of waking up on what feels like a Tuesday and realizing it’s already Wednesday! Sad? Maybe. But I’m loving it.

How were your Memorial Day weekends? Down here in Texas we are experiencing some pretty terrible storms complete with flash floods and tornados, so needless to say mine wasn’t quite the lake retreat I’d hoped for. Jet skis were canceled and we spent all of 30 minutes putzing around the lake on our rented pontoon boat before a) my dad almost sunk the thing and b) the local weather service issued a tornado watch. SO I’m hoping at least some of you lived the Memorial Day weekend I dreamed of — sun, water, sun and hopefully some fancy cocktails to tie it all together. <– I did have a few of those.

Since I was unable to work on my tan, I brightened up the weekend with these Hibiscus Marshmallows. Not only are they the perfect shade of summer pink (obsessed) but they’re also sweet, slightly tart and the fluffiest, most cloud-like of marshmallows you ever did see (eat?). The recipe is up on Camille Styles today so click here to go check it out!

Hibiscus Marshmallows // butterlust.comHibiscus Marshmallows // butterlust.comHibiscus Marshmallows // butterlust.com


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