24 Feb Austin Eats // Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Donuts.


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You’ll know you’ve found Gourdough’s when you spot the line stretching around the block and the smell of fried dough tickles your senses into submission. This popular South Austin trailer serves up over-sized, over-the-top, piping-hot donuts filled and topped with everything from canadian bacon and jalapeno jelly, to cake batter and fudge icing.


The ultimate indulgence, a big fat donut from Gourdough’s is not the stuff of cop cars and Saturday morning breakfasts.  Instead they’re served with a knife, fork and steel armor (not really) – a fried, stuffed exhibition of gluttony, resembling the humble donut, but perhaps more of a funnel cake on steroids.

Wherever they fall on the junk food spectrum, they are certainly not for the faint of heart, nor those concerned with the circumference of their waistline. And while you may be tempted to finish one on your own, I recommend sharing one with a buddy to avoid leaving with a mean tummy ache.


Since opening in 2011, Gourdough’s has solidified its spot top at the top of the junk food totem pole, and a stop at the SoFi air stream has become an Austin experience that is not to be missed, for visitors and locals alike. It’s a place of childhood dreams and cardiac surgeons’ nightmares. Home of the perfect hangover meal or a hearty afternoon treat after a day of roaming the eclectic nooks and crannies of South First.


For a sugar fanatic like myself, choosing just one item off of the menu is wrenching. Dramatic, yes, but how is a girl with the sweet tooth the size of Mount Everest supposed to choose just one flavor? (Hint to Gourdough’s – sampler tray?)

You can’t. Really. Which is why when I went for lunch recently, I ordered two. The Mother Clucker – topped with peppery fried chicken strips and honey butter – as my main course (chicken tenders totally make it an acceptable lunch, right?) and the Miss Shortcake – cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries – for dessert.

The smell of them sitting on my front seat as I drove back to my office was unbearable. (I’m one of those people who can’t get home without eating at least half of my french fries.) So, after about 5 seconds of self control I reached in for a chicken strip, burned my fingers on the honey butter, and devoured.

Side note: If you anticipate having trouble deciding what to order, I highly recommend ordering an option that is topped with fresh fruit. The doughnuts are hot and greasy (as they should be) and coated in a sugary glaze (duh), thus fruit offers a contrasting freshness that I find almost necessary to handle the things.



And while my teeth still hurt from my last Gourdough’s experience I’m looking forward to making it back to try a menu item of the chocolate variety, perhaps Mama’s Cake – yellow cake batter filled with fudge icing – or maybe even the Baby Rattler – fudge icing with fudge Oreos and served with a giant gummy rattlesnake – because who can resist a giant gummy rattlesnake?

Whether you’re just visiting or you’re a permanent resident, trying Gourdough’s should be on your “must-do” list for Austin. Just make sure you wear stretchy pants.

What to order: Mother Clucker if you’re into fried chicken (and who isn’t?)

More Info:
Address: 1503 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704
Phone number: (512) 707-1050
Hours of Operation: 10am – 12am Mon-Thurs, 11am – 3am Friday, 8am – 3am Saturday, 8am – 12am Sunday
Takes reservations: No
WiFi: No
Website: http://www.gourdoughs.com


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