16 Sep And so it begins!

Welp, it’s a rainy day in Austin, TX and I seem to have gotten a wild hair up my *you know what* and I’ve decided to start a blog. Blogging is something I’ve been considering for some time now. About a year and a half ago I discovered the fantastic-ness of “Mom Blogs”. No I am not a mother, heck, I’m not even married yet, but for some reason I took a shining to all of the witty, intelligent and oh-so-crafty women out there who have the guts to put their thoughts and creations out on the interwebs for everybody to read! And judge (*cringe*). As you can see, I am a little anxious about this whole “sharing my thoughts with the world” thing, so please, be nice. 🙂

A little about me: I am currently 2 weeks + 2 days away from my 25th birthday…and I just moved back in with my parents. I know what you’re probably thinking right now, but it’s not like that, I swear! I am a financially independent advertising professional, who’s bff/roomie decided to up and leave her for grad school in Chicago. I know right, HOW COULD SHE?! This abandonment left me with a few options – get a place of my own (expensive!), find a new roomie (risky!), or move in with my parents (temporarily!) and save boatloads of money. See? Not so crazy.

Two of my all time favorite things are baking & traveling, so I plan to share a combination of the both with you.  Because of the whole working 40 hours a week and high cost of international travel thing, it will be mostly baking with some travel here and there. But good news – I’m headed to Ireland in 2 weeks! There will also be some random sprinklings of recipes that do not contain oodles of butter (because yes, I care about your arteries…and my waistline), local Austin restaurant reviews, fashion/shopping, and probably some pictures of my adorable Golden Retriever, Yogi.

If these sound like things you may be interested in then y’all come back now, ya here?!

  • Natalie
    Posted at 11:01h, 25 September Reply

    1. I applaud your excellent use of punctuation, especially in regards to compound adjectives. Natalie Bridges is very proud!!!
    2. If I’m going to get a (NEGATIVE!) shout-out, you could at least follow it up with a cute picture of us or SOMETHING. Ya know… like maybe below the one of Yogi. I know he has succeeded me as your roomie, though not your bff, so I’m pretty sure I am still entitled to some form of pictorial love. Or maybe you’re just waiting until after Ireland to post the thousands of awesome and adorable pics we’re going to take there?!!?
    3. I LOVE YOU and this blog!!

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